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Passport to Fun!

The summer child care program at New Horizon Academy, Camp Discovery, is your child's passport to a summer of fun, friends, and field trips. Summer at New Horizon Academy provides your child a safe environment to learn, play, and explore during those happy summer days.


Warm weather means outdoor fun! As Junior Navigators, we will explore our community by visiting parks, nature centers, and all things outdoors. Watch our green thumbs in action as we grow our own garden this summer. We may go on a fishing expedition, participate in a nature scavenger hunt, or visit a splash pad.

We can hardly wait to learn about our community and go on our many adventures!

As Epic Explorers, we’ll grab our backpacks and get ready to embark on new quests and have fun. We will go on a walkabout, visit local galleries, and take an outing to iconic state destinations. We will become fact monsters as we uncover new and exciting information about our state, all while journaling about our incredible escapades.

We can’t wait to get started! Let the exploration begin!

Throughout the centuries, brave explorers have fearlessly traveled the globe and beyond to discover new lands. As World Voyagers, we will use our imaginations to travel the world! We will sample new foods, play games from around the world, explore customs from other nations, visit museums, jam to amazing tunes from other countries, and create our very own passport.

Best of all, we will learn while having fun!

Our Teachers

Camp Discovery Teacher Photo

School-agers need the support and encouragement of an understanding adult, and the school-age teachers at New Horizon Academy understand and celebrate your school-ager’s need for independence, adventure, and continued learning during the summer months.

  • Our teachers are positive role models who support the growing needs of school-agers in a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Our knowledgeable, professional teachers are trained in safety, early education, compassion, and fun.
  • Our thoughtfully planned field trips, activities, and visits from special guests focus on fostering new skills and offer school-agers exciting summer adventures and fun memories that last a lifetime.
  • Our teachers prepare your child for the next academic grade while providing a safe, fun environment where children are encouraged to explore, discover, and develop friendships.
Summer Program Highlights

Our all-day summer program gives school-agers the opportunity to follow their unique interests while gaining new knowledge and experiences. Field trips, community service projects, sports and recreation, cooking and baking, arts and crafts, drama, gardening, guest speakers, and science experiments are all included in our school-age curriculum. Some of our Camp Discovery programs include:

Camp Discovery Summer Program

The Journey Beyond: Field Trips

Museums, nature centers, parks, splash pads, and sporting facilities are only a few of the expeditions included on the field trip itinerary during the summer. Each trip is a new and exciting adventure!

Pony RideSpecial Guests

You never know who might make a guest appearance in the school-age classroom! It might be an athlete, a juggler, a magician, or even a local hero.


Book CLub

Camp Discovery Book Club

We will read all summer long and will track the number of minutes we read, become star readers, and earn a trophy!


Caring beyond the ClassroomCaring Beyond the Classroom

Throughout the summer, school-agers engage in activities that give back to the local community. Activities include fundraising for various charities, food drives, adopting a park, and other service learning projects.

Our Classrooms

School-agers want to have fun while they’re learning, and our classrooms are specially designed with their needs and interests in mind. Your child will take delight in the projects and experiences included in each of the 9 classroom zones:

St. Louis Park After School Care

  • Backstage Area
  • Construction Zone
  • Creation Station
  • Road Trip
  • Games, Gadgets, and Gizmos
  • Kid’s Café
  • Language University
  • Bandstand
  • The Lab



Daily ConnectEach day of Camp Discovery you will receive updates through the Daily Connect app which allows our teachers to share information about activities, send messages, and share photos to keep you in the loop about your school-ager’s day. You are also welcome to use Daily Connect to send your child’s teacher a message.


“The teachers seem to really care about the kids, and my kids really like their teachers. The staff does a great job with special events. I also think the summer program for the older kids is great--there's a field trip nearly every day and my child is thrilled!”

— Phillip B., Parent at New Horizon Academy