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Promoting Healthy Eating To Set the Foundation for Learning, Growing & Future Habits

New Horizon Academy’s commitment to excellence includes a strong focus on health and nutrition. We provide well-balanced and age-appropriate meals, incorporate ample physical activity during the day, and teach children about the importance of embracing a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Food & Nutrition Commitment

Sixty percent of a child’s nourishment in the first year goes to brain development. By age five, 80 percent of food preferences are hard-wired. Children learn by example, including what they eat.

At New Horizon Academy, children are nourished, not just fed, to fuel their development of full physical and mental potential.  Children are exposed to proper nutrition will benefit them the rest of their lives. Through exposure to new nutritious foods every day, children will have the foundation for future attitudes and acceptance of healthy and diverse foods.

Family-style meal service offers an opportunity to expand on social, emotional, cognitive, and fine motor skills. It is also gives children opportunity to be more at ease in trying foods. Staff sit with children to provide encouragement, and the children decide what and how much. Children are much more eager and willing to try new foods when they are in in control.

Our menus include:

  • Whole grains – a minimum of once a day
  • Herbs/spices and other low-sodium ingredients
  • Low-sugar yogurt and cereals
  • Protein-rich breakfasts
  • Fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables served throughout the day (i.e. jicama, rutabega, snow pea pods, mango, avocado)

“The food is top of the line. Healthy food habits start early, and [New Horizon Academy] provides a healthy breakfast and lunch with plenty of healthy snacks as well.”

— Nicole M., Parent at New Horizon Academy

Our Curriculum

At New Horizon Academy, we understand the importance of a healthy start, which is why our curriculum includes hands-on learning opportunities such as planting school gardens, cooking activities, and taste testing.

Our Food & Nutrition Department

New Horizon Academy’s food and nutrition team supports our schools and provides guidance with managing food allergies, kitchen manager professional development, and on-site visits to support our health and nutrition mission.


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