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Promoting Healthy Eating and an Active Lifestyle

New Horizon Academy’s commitment to excellence includes a strong focus on health and nutrition. We provide well-balanced and age-appropriate meals, incorporate ample physical activity during the day, and teach children about the importance of embracing a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Menus

Our mission is to provide good nutrition to empower children’s physical, cognitive, emotional and physical growth. Good nutrition in the early childhood years will create future healthier generations. We promote knowledge about nutrition to our children, families, and staff through education and communication and by offering children a variety of healthy food choices each day. We strive to exceed the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements for both quantity and quality of food.

“The food is top of the line. Healthy food habits start early, and [New Horizon Academy] provides a healthy breakfast and lunch with plenty of healthy snacks as well.”

— Nicole M., Parent at New Horizon Academy

Farm2NHA Program

To further support our commitment, we have created the Farm2NHA program to bring healthy food from local farms to children. It is a comprehensive program that includes hands-on learning opportunities such as planting school gardens, cooking activities, and food taste tests. The program instills healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.farm2nha_logo