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Why We Celebrate Those “Ber” Months

Living in the desert of Boise, Idaho, we have very mild weather, and most feel blessed.  It is not something to complain about, but I am a fall and winter person, so sometimes I have to find ways to make sure my family knows that even though the thermometer might say 78 degrees in October, it is still fall.

Here are some of the things my family enjoys doing in my favorite months of the year:


  • Make a scarecrow. If you are lucky enough to have leaves in September, this is super easy. You just need some old clothes and rubber bands. Use those leaves to stuff those clothes, and use the rubber bands to keep it all together. I always tell my kids that our scarecrow will stay in one spot, so work together to pick that spot so you can prop him up. A wall or against the fence is best.


  • Visit a local pumpkin patch. We decided to have our daughter’s 6th birthday at a local pumpkin patch, and the weather was nearly hot. I was somewhat bummed because it just didn’t feel like pumpkin patch weather. However, once we played on the homemade slides, held all the bunnies, and looked at the chickens and roosters, we decided to hop on the hayride.  This is the moment that I looked around, and everyone was smiling and having a wonderful time. So regardless of weather, get out there and visit that pumpkin patch!



  • This is Thanksgiving month! The month to give! This is the month that we clean out our closets and toy bins to give to charity. My kids sometimes struggle with this until they understand each year the “why” behind it. They are ages 17, 7, and 6. They are old enough to grasp that other children are not as fortunate. They actually enjoy looking through each of their things and remembering why they loved it and making up little stories about what the next child will enjoy about those same items. And the icing on the cake . . .you are making space for the new things about to come in December!


  • This is the month where it’s all about others. Santa visits all the children who have been nice, and we get to shower our loved ones with as much affection as we can conjure up. In my family, we go where the snow is and fire up those snowmobiles! Even if you don’t have them, just find some snow and enjoy it. It will be gone sooner than later, and we will be pulling out our pool toys. For those of you who are blessed with the four seasons, soak it in. In some parts of the country we have to make it feel like fall and winter regardless of the temperature!

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