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Ways to Explore Fall with Your Kids and Why It’s Important

Summer makes it easy to get yourself and family outside often. We have more daylight, beautiful warm weather, countless outdoor activities to enjoy, and of course . . . the sunshine! Fall comes around, and the days get shorter, families get busier, kids have homework, and the air gets chilly. It can often take planning and many layers of clothes to get your children outdoors this time of year, but it’s oh so important!

Getting outdoors not only helps children (and adults!) feel happier, but being in the fresh air helps to boost our immune systems, which is especially important with cold and flu season just around the corner. Getting your children outdoors and into nature also promotes creativity and imagination, gets kids moving, helps reduce stress, and so much more!

Try some of these fun activities to get you and your children exploring fall:

Hike a Nature Trail

Kids love to explore! Find a local park with a nature trail that is easy enough for the whole family to hike. Have your children help map out the hike beforehand. To make it more interesting, come up with a list of things for your children to find along the hike – a smooth rock, an acorn, a red fallen leaf, etc. This will make it fun and give the kids a sense of accomplishment when finished with the hike.

Take Nature Photographs

Allow your child to use a phone, iPad, or camera to capture nature through the eyes of a child. They will love exploring, finding new things, and seeing the images they captured themselves! It’s fun as parents to look through the photos, too, and see what your child found as interesting.

Go on a Scenic Drive

The leaves are changing right before our eyes, and we all know we don’t have long to enjoy the beautiful colors before they start to fall. So, grab the family, pack some snacks, roll the windows down, and enjoy the fresh air while driving to look at the leaves. Find a scenic drive near you here: https://www.myscenicdrives.com/

Have a Picnic

Fall is a wonderful time to have a picnic outdoors. Grab some blankets, bundle up, and pack your favorite picnic foods to enjoy among the beautiful fall foliage. Bring a thermos with apple cider to keep warm, and bring some fall books to read. Check out some of our favorites here.

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