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Thanksgiving—A Time For Families

Growing up it didn’t matter if the family was a few blocks away or a few states away; Thanksgiving was a time that we could always count on seeing each other. And it’s such a wonderful feeling to know that we could count on this one simple day out of the year that would bring us all together. Not even Christmas would bring each family together in one place.

The beautiful part of Thanksgiving was the family time. Children of all ages from 2-92, we would spend time creating simple crafts, doing group activities, or just simply eating and watching football. To understand more about our Thanksgiving, it is probably important to point out that we were in Montana. The end of November meant winter–meaning full winter gear and plenty of snowy activities. Here are some of the activities we did as a family that might bring joy to yours.

  • Snow Tag! A favorite growing up was playing Snow Tag. All ages would play. Our version was “Pie Snow Tag.” We would find a part of the yard that had fresh snow with no boot prints. Someone would walk a big circle, as large as possible. Actually, several times so the circle outline was very visible. Then, a person would walk in such a way as to make the circle have lines in it that looked like a pie that had four equal parts. The middle of the circle was “safe.” There was one person who was “it.” We then would play Tag. If a person stepped out of the already made lines in the pie, they would automatically be “it”, or of course, get tagged. It was also fun to play with teams! Give it a try!

  • Classic Hand-Print Turkeys! No explanation needed. We would love to cut them out and put them on the wall from littlest to biggest!

  • Thanksgiving Crafts! This example is a little different than what we did, but all the same fun to do with kids! We always made the cherry pie plate and other food items. My mom made sure that we had plenty of crafts and supplies to stay busy once we were too cold to be outside!

No matter what activities a family does together, it will bring them closer together. These are just a few of my favorite ones!

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