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Start A New Tradition

The New Year is upon us! Over the years, our New Year’s Eve plans have migrated to be more family focused. Our tradition now is to gather with our neighborhood friends and their children. Every year, we plan some fun-filled activities for our little ones to enjoy. I would like to take the opportunity to share a few of our favorites:

  • Year in Review Photo Scavenger Hunt. My kids love a scavenger hunt! This is a fun activity for all ages. You can make it more or less challenging, depending on your child’s needs. Print your favorite memories of the year then hide the photos. After the kids find the photos, take time to reminisce about each memory.
  • New Year’s Eve Bingo.  Bingo is another family favorite! For a New Year’s Eve theme Bingo board, check out this free downloadable one from Thirty Hand Made Days: https://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/newyearbingo.pdf
    • There are so many fun variations to fit your needs!
      • Bingo Markers:  Use a crayon or marker to mark off each Bingo item called.  Want to entice the kids?  Use Hershey’s kisses, if chocolate is permitted.
      • Prizes:  Prizes are not necessary, but we have gotten some fun items in the dollar section at Target.
  • Paper Plate Shakers.  Use a leftover paper plate from your holiday events.  Simply fold the plate in half and color the outside of the plate.  Kids can use their creativity and color it however they’d like! Start to seal the plate by stapling it shut.  Leave a small portion open and fill with ½ cup rice.  Seal the rest and shake away!
  • Resolution Guessing Game. Ask every child (and adult) to write one resolution down.  All resolutions go in one basket.  Pull one resolution out at a time and read aloud (school-age children can assist younger children); everyone will write down who they believe said what resolution.  You can offer a small prize for whomever guesses the most correctly.

We have enjoyed these activities as much as the children have!  The kids look forward to what we plan each year.  Best of all, they are simple and cost-effective activities.

From our family to yours – Happy New Year!

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