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The Pressure of Pinterest Perfection 

We blinked, and it happened. Our little girl has turned one! Everyone said that the days would be long, but the years would be short; they were right! Our first year came with so many ups and downs – from the excitement in all the “firsts”, to the challenge in adjusting to a new lifestyle. 

As her birthday approached, the party planning started for her 1st Birthday Bash! Now, I have thrown a party or two in the past, but there was something different about this party. A different type of excitement and stress that came with it all. I wanted so badly to throw the best party ever to celebrate this family first! I started the planning process the way most do these days – Pinterest. I began to explore themes, food ideas, decorations, party favor ideas, and smash cake photos. I looked at it all! I began creating boards filled with inspiration and ideas to throw a perfect 1st birthday for my little one. 

As I pinned late into the evening, I quickly found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. How much is too much? Can I even make that myself? How much will all this end up costing? Where am I going to find the time to make all this? The list went on and on! This is when the Pressure of Pinterest Perfection set in, the pressure to throw a party with all the bells and whistles, including the perfect theme, delicious and theme-related food, elaborate décor, and all the pictures to prove it.   

Well, it took four trips to the party store, multiple late nights scrolling through Pinterest, and one long conversation with a good friend to realize I was getting too wrapped up in it all and that it was time to refocus! Time to focus on the real reason we are all getting together – to celebrate the love between us and how lucky we are to have a happy, healthy little ONE year old!   

We had a party fill with laughter and love! I ended up going with an easy, general “little girl” theme, easy kid- and adult-friendly cold cut sandwiches, some cute and simple decorations, and pictures recapping her first year. It was the perfect way to celebrate what an amazing year it was and all we have to look forward to in the future.   

Moral of the story for me is to not let myself get wrapped up in all the Pinterest Pressure. Pinterest is a great way to spark ideas and creativity for you to see what works best for and your party. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up into the perfection of it all! 


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