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Preschool Graduation: Why is it Important?

It’s graduation season across the country, and not just for those receiving a degree. At New Horizon Academy, we celebrate hundreds of graduates each year who will accept their preschool diplomas in tiny caps and gowns. Many proud parents, grandparents, and friends gather to celebrate this milestone as some of the youngest learners prepare for their next big step in life – kindergarten.

So why the big fuss? Some think that the ceremony, the caps and gowns, and the celebration of preschool graduation is silly, but at New Horizon Academy, we believe it is a valuable moment in your child’s learning journey, and here’s why…

A graduation ceremony suggests that school IS special, that school IS important, and that academic accomplishments deserve to be celebrated. Occasions where family is invited, photos are taken, and people are dressed up indicate a moment of importance in our culture.

Our graduation ceremonies at New Horizon Academy provide a platform for praise. Positive affirmations and praise are so important for young children! Our hope is that when we praise our preschool graduates for reaching this milestone, it will help them to have a positive association with school and learning throughout their life.

Many times, preschool graduation ceremonies involve special recognition for each child and spark conversations between the child’s teachers and parents that point out what is so unique and special about each child. Overall, this leaves both the parents and the child feeling proud and accomplished.

A child’s learning journey begins at such a young age, and the care and education they receive in those early years plays a very important role in the rest of their lives. So let’s celebrate each milestone and each victory, for our children are little only once!

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