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Preparing for Baby Number Two

Our family is growing; we are expecting our second child in fall of 2019! It is such an exciting time for our family, but it is also a time of adjustment for us all.

Okay, let me be honest, when we realized I was pregnant, my first reaction was, “Oh boy, here we go!” With my first child, my initial reaction was pure joy and excitement, but with this one, it felt different. I now have experience in the pregnancy and mommy department, but the overwhelming idea of now having TWO children hit me pretty quickly. I already feel busy. How am I going to have time for two kids? How am I going to dedicate the time needed for a newborn while still offering love and support to my daughter? How will my daughter adjust to the new addition? The questions and emotions came rushing in!

As we prepare for the addition, we are focusing a lot of time talking with our daughter about her little sibling who is coming. We are allowing her to be part of the process of preparing the room and helping me with organizing the toys and baby items. We are reading books about siblings and being a big sister. Her favorite book is “I’m a Big Sister” by Joanna Cole. This book has officially become a staple in our nightly reading sessions.

We are also focusing on setting up solid routines for our daughter. When the newborn comes, there will be a lot of change, so we want to make sure that there is some consistency and routine in her daily schedule that we will be able to keep to help her with the adjustment. I thrive off routine as well, so I am secretly hoping this helps me with the adjustment too!

Overall, the preparation continues! The room is slowly coming together, the bins are coming out of storage for sorting, and the initial fear of the change is slowly turning into more and more excitement and anticipation!

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