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Meet Cortney!

Hi! My name is Cortney. I recently joined the New Horizon Academy family as the assistant to our VP of business development and general counsel (phew!…long title). I am so excited to be joining this amazing group of blogger moms!

A little about me:  I am a 33-year-old single mom to a smart, witty, and goofy 8-year-old boy named Easton. I’ve worked in the schools and ran my own home daycare business, but most of my career I have been a nanny. My passion for children continues as I work for a family-owned, Minnesota-based child care provider that strives to be the best!

Fun facts:  I love photography and finding unique places to capture beauty. I love to travel. I am Harry Potter’s number one fan. I am a Disney fanatic, and every time I see the Disney castle and hear the Disney jingle before a movie, I cry. I love dogs. But mostly . . . I love Harry Potter.

Being a parent (and a single one at that) is a hard job. Working full time AND being a mom is an even harder job. My goal with this blog is to provide a bit of the comedic relief to the ins and outs of the modern day parenting dilemmas we all encounter. I also am happy to provide insight as to things I’ve learned and done along my path in the early childhood education world. I am so proud to work for a company that puts the well-being of our children first and strives to not only provide the best child care, but also advocate for children’s needs nationwide!

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