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Life As Young Parents

My husband and I are relatively young parents. At the ages of 23 and 26, we got married, and decided we wanted to start having kids right away. We had both been in the child care field since we were 18 years old, and our thought was, “We love kids so much. Why wait?” After six long months, we found out we were going to be welcoming a baby.

We were blessed with our son on November 6, 2016. He was the most smiley baby I had ever met, and my husband and I could not believe how much we loved him. Our hearts were so full, and yet we knew we were able to give more love. We were enjoying being parents so much that when our son was nine months old, we decided we were ready for another. Of course this meant before the age of 26, I was planning to be a mother of two!

Now, our baby girl is due at the end of May, and we could not be more excited. This pregnancy has been vastly different, what with chasing around a very active 16-month-old, but still just as miraculous as the first. The only big difference I’m feeling is how fast time is going. With the first pregnancy, there was so much anticipation. I spent my time wondering what it was going to be like to be a mother and waiting for my baby boy to arrive. However, this time, time has flown! Life with a toddler has been so demanding and chaotic that in a blink of an eye, third trimester was here!

We may be at different places in our lives than our friends our age, but we are so happy with the lives we have created and the family that we have built. We wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. One thing is for sure: We are going to be busy!

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