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Life As a Family of Four

As our son turns six months old, I find myself thinking about how much my family’s life has changed. As a family of four, life is busy—busier than I ever thought it could be. My husband and I don’t have much time to ourselves, or when we do, we clean the house or do the ever-growing pile of laundry. Every now and then, we even get to spend time together!

Every morning, we wake up to our alarms, unless our son has already taken care of that task. We take turns going through our morning routines while also getting the children ready for school. Luckily, our four-year-old daughter can do most activities by herself at this point; something that only started since we had the baby. Today, my daughter was so proud of how she put her shirt on all by herself. She takes pride in “doing it by myself” and gives us the biggest smiles. She is so much more independent now than she was just months ago! She even helps with us take care of her brother by playing with him and keeping him entertained while we finish getting ready. It’s amazing how efficient we can be in the morning so we get to work and school on time!

Afternoons and evenings are more scheduled now. Dinner starts almost as soon as we get home. Our son eats solid food, so we all sit at the dinner table for some family time. Our daughter will pretend her fork is a bulldozer and scoop her food up, all while using a silly voice. The baby can’t get enough of this! Then the children play while my husband and I clean up. After that, we head upstairs to start winding everyone down for bed. By the time the kids are asleep, my husband and I are ready for a break, even if it’s just folding laundry while catching up on each other’s day.

I am sure that this daily schedule will change many times over the next couple of years, but for right now, it works for our family. We are doing everything we have to do, while also finding time for those precious moments of peace and relaxation. Our lives have changed so much in the last year, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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