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Having Multiple Kids in Child Care

My husband and I are blessed to have four children in school this year. Axel is turning four in October and starting a preschool program with New Horizon Academy. We’re grateful he has qualified for a grant with the school and will be getting top education at such an early age. Brayden is eight and starting second grade. Ameilia is eleven, and her first day of fifth grade was August 14th! Hailey is turning fourteen in October and starting eighth grade. As they start school, we’ll be organizing our calendar with school activities and work schedules. It will be a busy but fulfilling year.

Thanks to New Horizon, Axel and Brayden haven’t skipped a beat this summer. New Horizon is incredible with our children and keeps them on a fun and inspiring daily schedule where learning is continuous.

Axel has been super excited each day about the NHA preschool program, and we’ve been extremely happy. When I pick Axel up from school, he shares his day with me, which I’ve gotten to see and hear from his teachers about throughout the day through their amazing “Daily Connect” app. He is learning so much, and this fills our hearts. He’s learned to write his name and tells me about his friends, his teachers, and the fun activities he gets to do at school. Axel is thriving, and it’s all thanks to New Horizon and the wonderful teachers, staff, and directors; everyone plays a huge part, and we are excited for what the future brings for our children’s early learning years.

Brayden has been in the school-age classroom all summer and has also had the time of his life. He’s been on several fun and educational field trips every week since June. He’s gone to Como Zoo, the Sculpture Garden, Springbrook Nature Center, splash pads, parks, and they’ve done a reading celebration, painting on canvas, fun games, and more. It brings a smile to my face every day knowing how happy he is at New Horizon. Brayden was very timid and shy his first day, and now he feels right at home and has several friends. His teachers love him so much that one specific teacher was sad to hear his last day was Friday. Brayden looks forward to coming back to New Horizon next summer.

My husband and I definitely recommend New Horizon because the educational aspect provided to the children is outstanding, and they’ll definitely be starting the school year ahead of the game. The education they’re given year round and beginning at an early age sets children up for life to feel confident, smart, and ready for each day at school, which can mean all the world to a child.

Meet Our Mom Blogger, Mindy!

My name is Mindy, and my husband, Adam, and I are blessed to have four incredible children in our lives. We have a colorful family with children from previous relationships as many other families do today. Hailey is going to be fourteen in October, Amelia is eleven, Brayden is eight, and Axel will be four in October! We are very excited to be parents and to teach and show our children how to become good people.

Our family is very active as dad is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Our kids love to be outside and spend hours biking, skateboarding, playing games, and enjoying each other. We recently started camping and have decided we’re going to do lots more in the near future as it was such a relaxing and fun experience to take all four kids and make so many memories together.

I started working at New Horizon Academy not too long ago on May 1, 2019. I’m so blessed to be with a company that has such high standards for their early childhood program. Axel is excelling in his classroom at New Horizon, and my son Brayden just finished the summer program at New Horizon as well. My boys love New Horizon already in such a short time.

I look forward to learning from other moms as everyone has so many different experiences. I am so excited to be a part of this blogging group and appreciate the opportunity to share with other moms.


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