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Father’s Day Fun

This month we celebrate Father’s Day! It is a day to celebrate the relationships my children have with their dad which are so important to them. My children love the time they get to spend with their dad. They go to movies, they play games, and they spend time outdoors shooting hoops or riding bikes. This time together has deep meaning for our children. I look forward to celebrating their dad this Father’s Day!

There are so many fun ways to show Dad how much you love him.

Here is a list of simple ideas for gifts for Dad:

  • Have the kids draw a picture of him.
  • Create an “All About my Dad” questionnaire—a quick Pinterest search is all you need to do.
  • Make a personalized coffee mug. (Amazon offers these!)
  • Frame a D-A-D photo. Take photos of your kid(s) holding the letters D A D. This is something that is easily recreated each year!
  • Purchase a children’s books about Dad for a unique twist on gifting. There are so many options out there. Here is a short list: Dada by Jimmy Fallon, Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Maver, The Papa’s Day Surprise by Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • Dad a golfer? Buy a box of golf balls, and let the kids personalize them! Same goes for golf tees!

We would love to hear more ideas! Post a comment below and share what you have planned for the dad in your family!

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