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Fall, Family, and So Much Fun!

Every year as summer comes to an end, and as  the first day of school comes and goes there is something wonderful waiting around the corner.  In the Midwest, it’s the fall season.  There are so many activities, scents, feels, and tastes to keep you always wondering what’s next!

Here are some of our family’s favorites things to do in the fall:

  • Go for a drive (or a boat ride) to see all the fall colors.
  • Have a campfire (inside or out)  they are perfect in the fall.
  • Stop by an apple orchard (finding one with a bakery is a bonus—apple donuts, yum!).

Here is a link to our favorite caramel dip: https://www.cookingclassy.com/caramel-cheesecake-apple-dip-3-ingredient-3-minute-recipe/.

  • Attend fall festivals – They are the best this time of year because of the warm drinks and meals they serve.
  • Pull out the crockpot on Sunday morning and make chili.

Here is a link to my favorite recipe:  https://www.cookingclassy.com/slow-cooker-chili/

  • Visit our local corn maze.  They offer a variety of activities and even a corn pit (just like a ball pit with corn). My kids love it!
  • Squeeze in as many park days as we can.  They are coming to an end, and it’s great to get together with friends at the local parks.

One adventure we have yet to go on is a fall colors train ride.  It’s been on the list for many years, but we haven’t done it yet.  Maybe this year!

What is on your family’s list of fall activities?  Please share in the comments below.

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