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Extend Your Learning At Home

At New Horizon Academy, our teachers prepare purposeful experiences for your child to learn, laugh, and be loved each day. We are here for you and your child during this difficult time and want to make sure your children continue to learn, laugh, and be loved by you at home. We have compiled a few of our favorite activities and resources for you to extend the learning at home. Stay tuned as we update this page with new ideas and activities each week!

Create Your Own Routine at Home


Start Your Day Off Right

Create a simple family morning ritual that helps you start your day off right, such as enjoying breakfast together or simply talking about what you have planned for the day.


Explore and Discover

Keep your child busy at home with hands-on activities throughout the day. We have compiled some of our favorite activities by age group for you below.


Enjoy Snacks and Meals Together

The development of good eating habits is one of the many skills your child will learn as they enjoy meals and snacks both at school and at home. Enjoy your snacks and meals together as a family.


Make Time for Group Time

Group time provides your child with an opportunity to come together with other children as a community of learners. Gather members of your household to enjoy group time as a family each day.


Outdoor Play and Large Motor Development

Jumping, running, and climbing will be highlights of your child's day. We have compiled some of our favorite outdoor activities by age group for you below.


Rest Time and Quiet Time

After a busy morning, your child may want the opportunity to rest and take a nap. Non-nappers can participate in quiet-time activities instead during this time.


Music and Movement Activities

Offer your child daily opportunities to sing songs, play with musical instruments, and participate in movement activities. Get your family moving with a dance party or practicing yoga.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Children are natural explorers. Our teachers prepare purposeful experiences in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics for your child to investigate. We have compiled some of our favorites for you below.


Language and Literacy Activities

Support your child’s journey on the road to reading by providing a variety of books within reach for them to enjoy.


Make Your Own Sensory Bag

Fill a plastic bag with shaving cream, gel, or some other thick liquid, let all the air out, and seal the bag.

Tips for Reading at Home

  • Snuggle with your child with her favorite blanket or toys as you read.
  • Read with expression using different voices for different characters.
  • Emphasize rhythms and rhymes in stories.
  • Use pictures to develop speaking vocabulary by talking about what is shown.
  • Make reading a habit for bedtime, after lunch, or after nap time.
  • Give your child a chance to choose his own books. If your baby chooses a book that is too long to hold his attention, read some and skip some, discussing the pictures and how they relate to the story.
  • Read stories again and again. Your baby enjoys repetition, and it helps him become familiar with the way stories are organized.


Play Dough Writing

  • Write or type a letter, words, or your child’s name in a large font.
  • Have children mold the play dough into lines or shapes to trace the letters.

Card Slot Drop

  • Find a container with a lid and cut a slit in the top.
  • Have children drop cards into the slot, and then take the cover off and count how many they got in!

Cheerio Fine Motor

  • Place a chunk of play dough on a table or hard surface.
  • Stick an uncooked spaghetti noodle into the play dough.
  • Have children string Cheerios onto the spaghetti noodle.

Handwashing is Wonderful!

Express creativity while encouraging healthy handwashing!

Materials: Paper, art supplies (optional)

  • Read a story or talk with your child and ask them why they feel it is important to wash their hands, how often they should wash, and what kind of reminder they could make to remember to regularly wash their hands.
  • Next, gather art supplies and make signs to hang by your sink(s).
  • Watch Germs Are Not for Sharing by Elizabeth Verdic read aloud!


Squishy Bag Writing

  • Write or type letters or words for your child.
  • Fill a gallon bag with shaving cream, gel, or some other thick liquid, let all the air out, and seal the bag.
  • Have children use their finger or a Q-Tip to write the letters or words on the outside of the bag.

Puppets and Cartoons from Pictures

Put on a puppet show or create a cartoon story with pictures! This is a fun and creative way to repurpose books and magazines.

  • Materials: Scissors, glue sticks, craft sticks, variety of books and magazines, paper
  • Invite children to choose pictures from books and magazines to create puppets and stories of their own.
  • Have a puppet show!
  • Watch the Pinnochio by Carlo Collodi read aloud!

Sound Walk

Tune in to your sense of hearing and discover the difference between natural and man-made noise.

Materials: Small notebook or paper and pencil (optional)

  • Venture on a walk and identify sounds along the way. As you “collect” sounds, create a chart and track which are natural and which are man-made. Repeat this activity in a few days and discover new sounds!
    • How many sounds were natural?
    • How many sounds were manmade?
    • Which did you hear more of? Why do you think that is?
  • Watch the Woodland Sounds by Sam Taplin read aloud!

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