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Birthday Gifts for Children

Written by Jenni, Mom Blogger


My son’s third birthday is right around the corner, and lately I’ve been getting asked by family and friends, “What does Ryan want for his birthday?” After a lot of thought, my answer is, “NOTHING.” Our house is already full of toys that he and his sister never use, and he already has plenty of clothes due to the hand-me-downs from my nephews and other family friends.

However, when I respond to family and friends saying he doesn’t want or need anything, I feel as if they’re trying to make me feel guilty about not getting him anything for his birthday. After doing a lot of thinking, I stand by my decision. I don’t want people to waste money on things he does not need. And the truth is, what Ryan enjoys the most is his friends’ and family’s company. Plus, at this age, it’s so hard to tell what a three-year-old really wants or needs. So, I politely respond by telling them, “No need to bring your presents, just your presence!”

I also think this teaches a good lesson for Ryan. It teaches him that people and making memories are more important than tangible items. We’ll still spoil him like crazy on his birthday, but he’ll be spoiled with love and affection rather than toys and clothes that he will lose interest in and grow out of. I think when he gets older, it’ll be easier to determine what his interests are, and then it’ll be easier to decide what to get him for his birthday. But for now, the memories he creates with family and friends are the perfect gift, and they are invaluable.

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