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7 Thanksgiving Traditions to Start With Your Family

Traditions bring families together and help to give a sense of comfort and belonging. As Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, this is perhaps the time of year when you celebrate the most traditions with your family and friends. It’s never too late to begin a new tradition. Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving traditions to start this year with your family!

Set the Table With Your Kids

Involve your children in setting the table for your Thanksgiving meal. It will allow them to feel a sense of responsibility and will make them feel proud knowing that they helped contribute to the wonderful meal.

Set Up a Kids Table

Set up a kids table with things to keep them entertained while waiting for the meal. Set out coloring sheets, snacks, and books, and print out this fun Thanksgiving “I Spy” game. Download PDF Here

Play the Gratitude Game

The gratitude game is a fun activity for the whole family to play – no matter the age! Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and it’s fun to hear what some of the family comes up with.

Split the Wishbone

While dressing the turkey, set the wishbone out to dry. After the meal, draw names for who gets to split the wishbone. The age-old tale is that both people make a wish, and the person who walks away with the larger piece will have their wish granted.

Take a Post-Thanksgiving-Dinner Walk

After enjoying your delicious meal, get the family bundled up for a nice walk outside. The fresh air will help you fight the urge to take that post-meal nap, and a walk or a hike will get you prepared for dessert when you get back!

Have a Movie Marathon

Looking for a more subdued activity for after your Thanksgiving meal? Have a movie marathon! Put on some of your holiday favorites and settle in for a cozy and relaxing night.

Create a Giving Plate

A giving plate is something that is meant to be enjoyed, refilled, and passed. Make your own (Pinterest has many great ideas!) or you can purchase one, too. Fill the plate with some of your family’s favorite treats, pass along to a neighbor, family member, or a friend, and the plate will continue to give joy to those who receive it.



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