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45 Fun and Healthy Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

School’s out and summer is in full swing. Try some (or all!) of these fun and healthy activities this summer to encourage your family to be active, eat healthy, and most importantly – have fun!

  1. Go to the farmer’s market.
  2. Make smoothies.
  3. Take a day trip.
  4. Go to the gym.
  5. Plant a garden.
  6. Cook together.
  7. Go to the playground.
  8. Do a penny hike.
  9. Visit your local pool.
  10. Create your own race.
  11. Go bowling on a rainy day.
  12. Paint, draw or write.
  13. Host a dance party.
  14. Let your kids put on a show.
  15. Let your kids have unstructured time.
  16. Ride bikes.
  17. Hike.
  18. Take a trip to see animals.
  19. Grab some sidewalk chalk.
  20. Bake together.
  21. Grab a ball, Frisbee or kite and head to the park.
  22. Take a picnic lunch.
  23. Break out the sprinkler or Slip and Slide.
  24. Jump rope.
  25. Climb trees.
  26. Build a tree-fort.
  27. Play kickball.
  28. Make juice.
  29. Host a car wash.
  30. Turn cups of water into a fun game.
  31. Camp out in the backyard.
  32. Blow bubbles.
  33. Have a lemonade stand.
  34. Play miniature or putt putt golf.
  35. Head to the beach.
  36. Make water balloons.
  37. Go boating.
  38. Have fun in the mud.
  39. Take pictures of nature.
  40. Make popsicles or ice treats.
  41. Go DIY.
  42. Go to the library.
  43. Make a music list.
  44. Sign up to a family 5K.
  45. Help with yard work.

Share your favorite summer activities with us in the comments below!


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