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10 Summer Traditions to Start With Your Family

Summertime is here, which means longer days, warmer weather, and a great opportunity to create lifelong memories with your family. Try these fun, easy activities with your children this summer and keep the traditions going for years to come!

  1. Have an At-Home Camp Out

Whether it be in your own back yard or right in your living room, grab the sleeping bags and pitch a tent for a night of family fun under the stars.

  1. Plan a Staycation

Be a tourist in your own town or simply enjoy some R&R at home without any distractions. Explore new places in your city, read a good book, take on a family DIY project, or simply enjoy some backyard fun.

  1. Create a Summer Bucket List

As a family, come up with a list of things, new and old, you want to do before summer is over. Click here to print and fill out your summer bucket list!

  1. Go On a “Booknic”

This is just like a picnic, but with books! Grab your favorite books, a blanket, pillows, a few snacks, and head to the park to read. After reading, enjoy playing with your family at the park.

  1. Set Summer Reading Goals

Avoid the summer slide and encourage the whole family to read throughout the summer! Set reading goals when school gets out, and once they are met at the end of summer, celebrate with a fun family outing!

  1. Enjoy a Family Movie Night

Throughout summer, designate a night of the week for movie night. Whether indoors or outside, watching movies together as a family is a fun way to spend time together. Take turns each week letting a different family member select the movie. Check out your local park and rec for community movie nights, as well!

  1. Enjoy Pancake Saturdays (or Sundays!)

Weekday mornings can be busy, and oftentimes breakfast is on the go. Take some time on the weekends to slow down, stay in your pj’s, and cook a delicious breakfast. Get the kids involved and have them stir the pancake batter or have the older ones help flip them.

  1. Take a Classic Family Vacation Photo

Each summer, take the same photo, in the same spot, and in the same pose. As the years go by, you’ll end up with a series of annual photos you can keep to showcase your family’s journey.

  1. Host a Lemonade Stand

Who doesn’t like an ice-cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day?! This is a classic summertime activity that can not only provide hours of entertainment for children, but teach some valuable lessons as well.

  1. Plant a Family Garden

Planting a garden is a fun and educational activity for everyone involved. Have your children help pick out what to plant and visit the garden often to water, weed, and watch the plants grow. Try growing some healthy foods, and when ready, make a delicious meal as a family!

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